Hate hair oils but still want the same goodness?

girl applying hair tonic for hair growth

So, should we deprive our hair of vital nutrients just because we want to avoid the hassle of applying hair oil? Absolutely not! Our hair needs its nutrients for healthy growth. These nutrients in the hair oil nourish our scalp and promote volume and glow in your hair. It helps stop hair loss and thinning hair and thus stimulates hair follicles. Therefore, it is imperative that we apply hair oil or find an equivalent product to it.

The Solution

EVERYDAY ORGANICS Leave-In Tonic Hair Growth Spray is the perfect fit for what you want right now in your life. Say goodbye to hair oils because this tonic is here to save you and provide the same nutrients. No more depriving your hair of the essential nutrients, it needs to remain healthy. The Leave-In Tonic Hair Growth Spray contributes to strengthening your hair follicles which can help combat the problem of hair thinning. It transforms your hair by rejuvenating your dry and damaged hair into shiny, smooth, and healthy hair. Have trouble managing your hair just when you are about to leave for a party? This Leave-In Tonic Hair Growth Spray can be applied and worn on your hair all day.

The best part is that this product is Organic and contains premium ingredients that have been sourced from around the world. It is 100% All Natural and is quite effective.

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Directions to use:

Shake the tonic well before use so that all the goodness remains active. Then spray the tonic onto the scalp and tips of your hair in an adequate amount.

Gently run your fingers through your hair to ensure the product is applied evenly to your hair. You can leave the product on for the entire day without ever feeling greasy.


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